Leyna Chiang

Strategy Team

Leyna Chiang is an operational and sales professional with extensive experience in production, sourcing, and merchandising.

Her creative and data driven thought process enables her approach in working with any timeline, budget, and team to bring great ideas, events and products to life whether producing a four day VIP conference event with speakers, catering and talent in 8 business days to building a pop up store in 8 weeks.

Leyna was a multifaceted project manager and product development powerhouse at Fab.com. Her devout work ethic and "magic" ability to produce results earned her a flexible generalist role that empowered her to take on multiple areas of responsibilities. Throughout her varied career, she has worked and consulted at companies that span the breadth of e-commerce, blockchain, home and fashion industries including Dynomighty, CRYPTOHOU.SE and Lazy Susan USA.

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