Adam Harrington

Executive Team

Adam Harrington is the President, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Intellectual Digital Corp (iD), ​a private ‘Launchpad’ platform that seeks to identify transformative new technologies and digital assets. iD incubates, develops, and accelerates their subsidiaries growth and seeks to create value for its businesses and all stakeholders. 

Adam has advised, developed and provided funding for businesses throughout their lifecycle - from early stage development to their exits- including equity sales, private offerings and public listings such as Discas Holdings, Ambient Technologies and The Infopro. His knowledge and experience in international business extends from having advised, represented, and invested exclusively on behalf of high net worth investors in the UK, Singapore, Australia, Bermuda, Germany, Monaco and the UAE. Adam is a seasoned executive who brings expertise and skill in corporate strategy, team building and leadership. 

Adam is focused on incubating and supporting technology businesses that enhance corporate productivity and disrupt old models. He is currently a strategic advisor and Advisory Board Member to companies such as Bloq, Down-Route, Ensnare, and Stationhead.

Adam’s current and previous roles include:

  • Partner in a family office which invests in, operates, and incubates various staged companies. 
  • Advisor to Intellectual Patents Inc (IPI) which founded Aptiviti Inc
  • Former Board Member of the The Infopro before its final sale to the billion dollar fund Edison Ventures. 
  • Co-Founder, Director and Managing Member of Convergent Private Equity fund 
  • Co-Founder, Director and Managing Member of Convergent Long Short fund 
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