Terminal is the platform that allows users to deploy, interact, and manage smart contracts, wallets, and nodes across different protocols and smart contract platforms within the blockchain space.

Built for Ethereum Developers

Develop, test, and manage Ethereum artifacts and infrastructure in a unified workspace with Terminal.  The Terminal toolkit provides developers with a broad range of utilities to construct robust and user-friendly decentralized applications.

Console to Manage Ethereum Artifacts & Infrastructure

Organize Ethereum artifacts and infrastructure in a convenient folder structure using Terminal’s project primitives. Easily bootstrap tooling for any environment in just a few clicks.

Cook Up Shareable Ganache Recipes

Push smart contract testing to the limit with configurable ganache recipes.  Fork any block on supported networks, tune initial state, bootstrap token balances, and run tests in arbitrary conditions from a single YAML file.  

Build Serverless Ethereum Integrations

Building performant applications that rely on historical Ethereum data should not be prohibitively tasking and reliant on proprietary integrations.  Optimize data fetching procedures with Terminal’s API & DB studio. Continuously fetch Ethereum data for your application with auto-generated endpoints while Terminal handles updates in the background.

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